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Ordsall Method: The 15 Steps

Phase 1: Identify a community for shared activity

Step 1. Map: Explore area dynamics of people, activities, processes and relationships

Step 2. Understand: Identify key organisations and individuals with influence in chosen area

Step 3. Stimulate: Identify intermediaries to support the project

Step 4. Accept: Recruit intermediaries and co-develop action plan


Phase 2: Developing shared activities

Step 5. Find: Support intermediaries to involve people in activity

Step 6. Cohort: Group people into cohorts led by their intermediary

Step 7. Plan: Develop action strategy with intermediaries that catalyses activity

Step 8. Encourage: Support development of activities that inform the project

Step 9. Independence: Emphasise the autonomous nature of activities

Step 10. Gather: Monthly sessions bringing the cohort together

Step 11. Network: Use connections and resources to support activities


Phase 3: Promoting insights and activities

Step 12. Promote: Share activities through media and face-to-face meetings

Step 13. Celebrate: Hold events at prestigious locations to influence decision makers

Step 14. Explore: Share and develop insights about the activities with project participants

Step 15. Share: Share learning from project and pass on insight about Ordsall Method


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