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About the Ordsall Method

The Ordsall method was developed over 2014-2016 during university research in Salford, England (see the Ideas4Ordsall archived website). The method was inspired by ethnographic principles of learning from within, by community development practices and by the challenges put forward by people in the local community during that time. The broader research agenda focused on the role of cultural intermediaries funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities programme.

The project activities and resultant ‘Ordsall Method’ informed the 2018 Salford Cultural Strategy and Manchester Partnership. It shaped follow-on projects and supported Salford academics to turn their ideas into actions. To find out more about how the original project and the method development, download the project story here (PDF)

While the research project finished in 2016, the Ordsall Method lives on.

Dr Jessica Symons led its development during the research project and is now refining the method supported by creative digital agency, Visioning Lab Ltd.

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